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Farthest Away From Home

Cozumel is a beautiful place, it is also the farthest away i have ever been from home. In February of 2018 my family and I drove down to Florida in our mini van to board a ship that would take us out of the country and into a new experience. Arriving in Florida, the place where the ship was stationed, was a weird experience to my family and I, it was hot, very very hot. In February, mind you it was still winter where I live. After we arrived in Florida we boarded the cruise ship after being lost for over an hour.

Boarding the ship we immediately felt very welcome and invited. We had gotten showed to our room and we started to sail. After a few days we had arrived in Cozumel, it was even hotter than Florida. We had left the ship in search of a beach and beautiful views. The atmosphere was super welcoming and friendly.

Soon we had met up with our tour guide and got into our rental car to explore the island. Our tour guide had taken us all around the island and showed us some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Cozumel is a very different culture then my home town or even state, but the people of Cozumel made it a very welcoming and cheerful place, making it easy to break down cultural barriers. Cozumel is a beautiful place, with a beautiful culture that I will never forget.

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