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Favorite School Subject

Favorite and least favorite school subjects can be different for everyone depending on their common interests and what they excel, and have difficulty with. Sometimes, that is not always the case. Depending on what we are doing in the particular class I may enjoy other subjects more. A main key in a student wanting to learn is actually being interested in the thing they are learning. What I am learning currently in my science class is something that i genuinely enjoy, that is why at the current moment science would probably be one of my favorites.

Time that you also put into your classes can be something that affects your opinion on the particular subject. For example if you have been doing an assignment for five hours you might be a little tired and frustrated with that subject, and that might change your point of view. My current interest in science is that I absolutely love what we are currently studying and want to keep learning about it and know more, but what if I didn’t like what we were doing in that class? Would I still enjoy the subject?

So it is not a matter of what the subject is as a whole, it matters what you are learning and are interested in. So yes, if you are interested in let’s say math and you love math, then math would be your favorite subject or class. For me it is much more then a subject as a whole, because I can like and dislike parts of different classes and not have a personal preference to which is my favorite. So do I have a favorite subject? No, and that’s okay.

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