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Best Friend

Saying the words “best friend” is a very overused term and cliche, but I can say these words with confidence because my best friend definitely fits the title. My best friends name is Lauren, she is the sweetest human being on earth who cares for everyone so much that sometimes she forgets to care for herself. She is indefinitely the definition if selfless and caring, the best friend anyone could ask for. Good luck ladies and lads getting a best friend will be impossible because I already have the best.

We may not see each other every day but we don’t need to because our friendship is just that strong. When you are best friends with someone you genuinely care about them and their well being, you care about how they are doing and not allowing the answer of ”I’m fine”. You want them to be happy, you want them to be genuinely happy, more so than yourself. People say the phrase ”best friend duty” as if it is something you are entitled to do. When you are best friends with someone you would do anything willingly if it makes them happy. You would do anything to make them happy, absolutely anything.

I am not lying to you when I can say with great confidence that Lauren is my best friend and she will always be. No matter the distance or time we still manage to be there for each other when we need them most. Dang my best friend is the best.

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