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Summer Vacation

My summer vacation was filled with a wide variety of things ranging from summer camps, to days out by the pool. Every year my sister and I go to a summer camp called ‘Prairie Camp’.

Prairie Camp is a christian-based camp that takes place at the end of July every summer. Prairie Camp is also a family camp, so you and your family can stay on the grounds in a cabin, a tent, or a camper for the week. Teenagers have their own camp during that same week where you can stay with your family or stay in a cabin with a group of girls/boys your age.

I had gotten checked into camp along with my sister on a Sunday, where we met our counselors for the week. My counselors names were Megan and Mattie, and my group was called the Junior High girls at large.

Every day would start with the us listening to our speaker for the week and then you would divide into your different groups and talk about what you just heard. Most days after what we would call the morning session they would have a team building game that you would do with your groups.

On the fifth day the teen campers left the grounds of Prairie Camp and would go out and do a service project. This year we helped plant trees in our city.

Every year I have a strange, but fun experience at Prairie Camp. Every summer I look forward to Prairie Camp and I can’t wait for next year!

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